Nasal Polyps


A nasal polyp is a painless non-cancerous growth on the lining of the sinuses or nasal passages. Small nasal polyps may not cause symptoms, but larger ones or a group of smaller ones can block your nasal passages and prevent airflow.


It is not fully known what causes the development of nasal polyps. There is some evidence that people who develop nasal polyps have a unique immune system response and certain chemical markers in their mucus membrane than others who don’t have nasal polyps. Many people with nasal polyps have allergies as well which are thought to worsen the polypoidal disease.


Nasal Corticosteroids can be prescribed to reduce inflammation and possibly shrink or eliminate the polyps completely. Oral corticosteroids can also be an option if nasal corticosteroids aren’t working. If drug treatment doesn’t shrink or eliminate nasal polyps, you may need endoscopic sinus surgery to remove the polyps and improve the airflow through your nasal passages. Polyps can be reduced in size with medications, but endoscopic sinus surgery has proven to be an excellent non invasive method for the removal of nasal polyps. During the endoscopic surgery, the surgeon inserts a small tube with a magnifying lens or tiny camera (endoscope) into your nostrils and guides it into your sinus cavities. Our Weston Sinus Doctors use a tiny suction instrument to remove polyps and other obstructions that block the flow of fluids from your sinuses.

The non Invasive procedure can be done under local anesthesia and it can be done in-office as well. We also utilize a dissolvable medicated stent after the procedure to deliver medicine to the treated area thus improving the outcome and accelerating the healing process. Yes, you are able to continue with your daily activities quickly after the procedure and the dissolvable stent stays in your nasal passage for a few weeks until it dissolves so there is no need to have it removed.


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